Our mission is to provide a forum for survey organisations and industry professionals to collaborate and share their journey putting “BIM into practice”, and to provide best practice guidance documents on survey matters relating to BIM.


In order to achieve this, the Survey4BIM Management Committee has identified seven goals

  1. Provide leadership in establishing how surveyors provide an integral and continuous role to the BIM process and the importance of geospatial information.
  2. Share knowledge and learning between its members
  3. Establish collaborative links to Universities and academia – education of the full supply-chain
  4. Produce and publish best practise guidance to organisations, clients and industry professionals on survey matters relating to BIM in the form of Technical Notes and Guidance Documents.
  5. Coordinate the Survey4BIM related activities undertaken by survey bodies and institutions.
  6. Promote survey related case studies, which demonstrate best practice and the integrated management of geospatial information across all stages of the asset lifecycle.
  7. Represent the surveying profession in wider discussions on BIM and act as a partner to the Cabinet Office BIM Task Group.

We are supported by the UK Government BIM Task Group and a link to our Terms of Reference can be found here.